About Skyler

Hey! It’s me, Skyler

The truth is, (and it may sound cheeseball) but everything in my life has led me to this exact moment. Here, with you. When I was 15 years old, I snagged my first job working in the beauty department of a drug store. You would have found me rummaging the aisles, perusing creams and serums, taking note of all the ingredients.


Fast forward to 22-year-old Skyler. I moved to LA, because, let’s be real, that’s where dreams come true (or so, what we think at that age of life). One day as I was driving the streets of LA, with my face pounding with rather frustrating acne, and the stars aligned. Ahead of me was a beauty school. I decided in that moment that I was to become the esthetician next door. Like Jennifer Aniston, but the kind that cures your face of acne and pokes away the pug foreheads.


After school I worked for a Dermatology practice and trained with an amazing doctor and nurse who taught me everything they knew. Injectables became my passion and schooling, my obsession. I knew in order to be the best professional I could be, I needed a bit more info in my pocket. Next came Nursing school, which took me to my desert home now, Arizona.

When I’m not training soon to be injectors/estheticians or working with my clients to achieve their most natural, “slept in” look, you can find me doing yoga, trying new restaurants, and camping with my dog Charles.


Here’s the thing, at the end of the day, my name will be on your face (not technically of course), but I want my work, and more importantly, your investment, to be restorative. That, ‘I just had a week vacation look.’ 


Although I’ve been working in the aesthetic industry for over 12 years, each quarter you’ll find me at a new training opportunity. Because as a professional in this business, I want to continue evolving, learning and gaining the best possible education for you, my clients, my fellow injectors, estheticians and those looking to find their next big leap in this wild world. 


Thank you for meeting me here.

xo, Skyler

AKA The AZ Nurse Injector

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